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Writing on Falling Leaves
Stenciling Words
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7th-Mar-2012 04:40 pm - Fic: It Never Felt So Right

Title: It’s Never Felt so Right

Warning: none, angsty, fluff

Pairing: Clint/Pepper 

Notes: listening to Just a Kiss, make me feel romantic, and couldn’t think of a pairing in which i could be so overly romantic…..so i though Clint/Pepper because thanks to mightyarcher-hawkeye and pepperpotts, i think the couple is epic 

Summary: lying here with you, so close to me, its hard to fight this feelings, when it feels so hard to breath, I’m caught up in this moment, I’m caught up in your smile

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7th-Mar-2012 04:34 pm - Fic: Steve Getting his Sketching On

Notes: mini thing, for prompt, about Steve trying to sketch a member of avengers, and one that asked him to, and I just wanted team love, so wrote this

Warnings: none

Pairing/Character: team bonding 

Summary: Steve liked drawing. It wasn’t something that he expressed to people; he felt it was something special, something that was his. It was nice, just sitting down and being able to create something on paper. In between missions, he indulged himself with some sketching. 

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7th-Mar-2012 04:32 pm - Thor the Golden Retriever
Bruce patted the rather huge golden retriever on the head. 

“Well, your brother could have turned you into something worst.” Bruce sighed, while Thor just whined and dropped his head on Bruce’s lap. 

“I think Thor’s hair is too freaking perfect to be real, even as a dog.” Clint pointed out, ruffling Thor’s hair, causing the dog to huff. 

“We need to find a way to get him back to normal.” Steve stressed, running a hand through his own hair. 

“He better not mess up the carpet!” Tony stated, suddenly horrified at having his things covered with dog hair and dog smell. Dear Lord.  

“We’ll just buy new furniture.” Pepper muttered, not even looking up from her PDA. 
4th-Mar-2012 07:27 pm - Fic: Tony/ Bruce, team

Title: Arc Reactor's Anniversary 

Warning: pg-13? language? slash....

Word count: 4,298 words

Pairing/Characters: Tony/Bruce, Nat/Pepper, Clint/Thor, and Coulson/Steve, and team love 

Summary: for avengerkink prompt:
I was rewatching Iron Man, and the part where Yensin talks about Tony still having shrapnel in his chest struck me: it made me remember that the Arc Reactor is actually the only thing keeping Tony alive, and not just a cool accessory. I'd love a fic where the Team reacts to the Arc Reactor, realizing what it does, learning how Tony got it, the fact his life depends on it, etc. I'd particularly love Bruce going all doctorly on Tony/being fascinated by the technology, or maybe even keeping Tony alive/treating him for something? Basically, I'm looking for hurt/whumped Tony, focused on the Arc Reactor, with doctorly Bruce and concerned Team. Anyone? Pretty please? I offer a lifetime supply of pie.

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25th-Feb-2012 03:36 pm - Bruce is Tony's Teddy Bear
Actually, it took Bruce a while before he realized that Tony was into cuddling, even after a couple of weeks of being the one to give Tony his cuddle fix. Honestly, he wasn’t that much of a people person, and he also just assumed that Tony was trying to be his annoying self. After all Tony always enjoyed riling people up, it was his specialty. This was especially true when it Bruce and trying to see how far he could go before Hulk came out. 

And so, when Tony came around, hovering, draping himself over Bruce’s back, pulling Bruce into his arms, it was just another way of Tony to rile Bruce up. Bruce just rolled his eyes and ignored the other, having deciding that nothing he said would stop the other when he was being inquisitive or at all, actually. So, Bruce just went about doing what he always did, allowing for Tony to cuddle up to him as long as his hands didn’t wander to places they shouldn’t. Apparently, that led to Bruce becoming Tony’s Teddy Bear, so referred to by the other man. (and the rest of the team and headquarters) 

And so, Bruce’s life suddenly included a clingy Tony Stark, who loved cuddling and no one else noticed. It was more likely that they noticed but they rather keep Bruce as the teddy bear and leave them out of Tony’s sight. 

It was pretty much take one for the team. But honestly, Bruce found himself not minding, because cuddling, it was nice. 

Bruce leaned into Tony’s side, eyes beginning to flutter shut. Tony glanced down, lips quirking into a smile as he wrapped an around Bruce and pulled him closer, before focusing back on the action movie the team was watching. 

Yeah, cuddling was nice. 
16th-Feb-2012 07:14 pm - Fic: of the Bruce variety

for Valentines day! 

Warning: slash and het, fluff


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4. Bruce/Loki

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6. Bruce/Thor

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7. Bruce Steve

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16th-Feb-2012 07:10 pm - Fic: Avengers Firefly Style
Title: Firefly Liberty

Fandom: Avengers/Firefly

Warning: none really

Character: Tony, Steve, Bruce

Summary:  Everyone has their own past, the liberty crew may have more than others. Bruce helps the captain deal with the drunk mechanic.

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16th-Feb-2012 07:07 pm - Fic: PrussiaFrance
Title: It Started at the Park

Fandom: Hetalia

Pairing/Character: pre-Prussia/France, Canada 

Warning: slash

Summary: a little boy lost in the park, and then Gilbert is meeting the handsome father 

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16th-Feb-2012 07:03 pm - Fic: GermanyFrance

Title: Yellow Diamonds in the Night Sky

Fandom: Hetalia

Pairings: GermanyFrance

Warning: slash

Summary: they fell in love in a hopeless place 

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